REVIEW: KornLife Is Peachy (1996)


Whenever I go back and listen to these albums, it is always a weird experience. During my teenage years, Korn played a huge part in shaping me as person, and helped me through some difficult times in my life, especially when you’re a teenager. Puberty, and all that Jazz…

Lately I’ve been revisiting their albums, but their debut album Korn is something I cannot sit and listen through back-to-front as it brings back some painful memories. Select tracks here there, yes, but from start to finish? Simply, no.

To be fair, this album does as well – especially “Twist” – but so far it has been an enjoyable listen. Although Korn couldn’t outdo their debut album (still haven’t managed to make an album better, probably never will) this record still contains some killer tracks.

Still, vocalist Jonathan Davis manages to portray the image of a tortured artist and the band back him up brilliantly. This would be many years before their line-up would change, and I feel that Life Is Peachy is just a furthering of their unique sound. Their track “A.D.I.D.A.S” (which stands for All Day I Dream About Sex) is undoubtedly the popular song from this album and a track that also gets thrown into the live set. View the video below.

The track “Wicked” is a particular highlight, featuring Deftones’ vocalist Chino Moreno, and it’s good to see a break from all the harrowing tales there are on this album. “Porno Creep”, track number 5, is a track I’m still fascinated by (I’ll have to find the lyrics somewhere) – it also leads perfectly into track number 6, “Good God”, a tale about friendship and betrayal. The first four albums of Korn’s collection is of highlight, but nowadays when I’m starting to drift away from metal, it is always good to come back and remind myself of what I grew up listening to.

Is this is an essential album? That is sometimes a question album I ask myself. I always feel that the album that followed this, 1998’s Follow The Leader, was an experiment of sorts – the first time I ever heard rap/hip and metal crossover, and something that the term “rap metal” would later be able to cover. I still think their debut album is essential, and their second album just helps to further their sound.

OVERALL: Life Is Peachy is a fairly OK album, at best. It has some good tracks, some comedic tracks to serve as a break from the reprieve, but I feel that, on the whole, it isn’t better than their debut album. Safe to say that the band needed to change direction or try and expand their sound, which result in the follow-up album: 1998’s Follow The Leader.

RATING: 7 / 10


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