Buying Round-Up: February 2016

February is always a weird month, especially following the long post-Christmas blues of January. It is a short month, too, which makes buying things more tempting and more of a ‘why not?’ scenario. With music it is always a hard juggling act of what’s out there (in terms of ‘new’ releases) and what is soon to be released, as bands begin to announce albums they’ve been working on for months. Without further ado, let’s look at what I’ve bought in this month.


Abbath – Abbath (Amazon UK, £9.99)
abbath album

The big news of the (now) former Immortal frontman splitting from the band and creating a new band under his own was surely the biggest talking point early in 2016. I came late to the Immortal party – discovering the band through Hypocrisy, who Horgh currently drums for – and, just like that, the band are without Abbath. Immortal themselves, however, are carrying on and plan to release a new album later this year, but with this album you can really see who was the creative force of Immortal, and with his recent comments in the latest Terrorizer magazine slating his former band members, I’ve come to really like this album a lot more.

Conan – Revengeance (HMV, £9.99)

I came to discover the Liverpudlian-based doom metal band – who are not to be confused with anything of Arnie – with their (unbeknownst to me) second album Blood Eagle. With a new album on the horizon, as the band converged into a trio, I was surely was like ‘why not?’ And it’s true: This album slays, really just building upon what the band have already made. One morning before work, I decided to pop into my local HMV and buy this for a reasonable tenner. Because of the album below, I’ve only given it a couple of spins.

Rotting Christ – Rituals (HMV, £9.99)

Me and my good buddy – who is massively into Rotting Christ – were talking one day and he happened to mention that the band had a new record coming out. “Oh cool,” I answered to my friend’s over exuberance, knowing of the band but not any of their music. My friend, to answer my somewhat less-than-enthusiastic nature, quickly whipped out his phone and played me a new track off their album. It was “Ze Nigmar – זה נגמר” and, at that point, I was pretty much sold. When in town, I popped into HMV without nothing really to buy (I was, admittedly, trying to a strict budget) but I saw this, thought ‘why not?’


Ian Rankin – Knots and Crosses (John Rebus #1) — (Amazon UK Marketplace, £4.87)
ian rankin knots and crosses

Joe Abercrombie – Half A King (Shattered Sea Book #1) — (Amazon UK, £3.85)
joe ambercrombie half a king

Ian Rankin – Hide And Seek (John Rebus #2) — (WHSmiths, £8.99)
ian rankin hide and seek

Guy Saville – The Madagaskar Plan (ASDA’s, 2 for £7, bought with book below)
guy saville the madgaskar plan

Carla Norton – Hunted (Reeve LeClaire #2) — (ASDA’s, 2 for £7, bought with book above)
carla norton hunted


BLU-RAY: Dragonball Z – Revival Of F (Amazon UK, £17.99)

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard

I went and saw this in the pictures with my brother. It was quite a surreal moment as, in my wildest dreams, would I have ever thought I would be seeing a new Dragonball Z film in my local cinema. I had already seen the film thanks to someone uploading a full English dub of the movie to YouTube, largely thanks to its big America release, but I wanted to go see the film again. I enjoyed it a lot and knew that my brother would want the Blu-Ray when it came out. For anyone who enjoyed Battle of Gods, Revival Of F is sure to please fans. Good thing, too, with a new series – Dragonball Super! – announced as well, with no official American/English dub announced yet.

That’s it for this month — check back next month to see more of what I bought! 


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