Buying Round-Up: March 2016


What follows is my haul from this month’s buying and stuff. I dunno…lemons? 


AnthraxFor All Kings // (£9.99, Amazon UK)
anthrax-for-all-kings-album-cover-resizedOne of those albums that I’m not hesitant about. I got into the band with Worship Music and, since then, I’ve been a fan of the band. Lead single “Evil Twin” only heightened my excitement, and with me just wanting the standard album (no special editions, no digipaks) then I think it’s a fair price of a tenner for the album. Aside from that, it’s a cracking album!

Killswitch EngageIncarnate // (£9.99, HMV)
killswitchengageincarnatecdFor years now, I’ve loved this band. Since their debut record Alive Or Just Breathing, right through to the Times of Grace record, to Jesse’s return with Disarm The Descent, through to their new record. I’m agree with other people when I think this band have never sounded better, and despite my love of their new(ish) single “Hate By Design”,  on my first listen of this album I’m absolutely loving it. 

Megadeth – Dystopia
megadeth dystopia I’ve been a bit unsure of this album but more sold on it than their previous couple of albums, especially the woeful Super Collider. With the introduction of Chris Adler and Kiko, I’ve been tempted to get this record more and more. So far, this record is sounding great and very much like Megadeth are back on form, though it’s still early days (obviously) and whether or not this will become a ‘classic’ Megadeth record. 

Bill LauranceAftersun
bill laurance aftersunHalfway through March, I started to become tired of listening to metal – I needed something different. I turned to my other music love: Jazz. I’ve been a fan of Jazz since my early teens, in my adulthood I have been to Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London a few times, but I have never really jumped head-first into it. I browsed iTunes and found that Bill Laurance – whom I have discovered with his record Flint – had a new album out entitled Aftersun. I immediately went out and bought this along with the album below.

Jim RotondiDark Blue
jim rotondi dark blueMuch like the album above, this was a deviation away from my love of metal into something different, and for the most part this sounds like traditional Jazz. Again, it’s something different yet familiar, and yet, it feels (and sounds) really great. Jazz is definitely a type of music I’m starting to get back into, so maybe I’ll be on the lookout for more music either via iTunes or Amazon. 

Scott Mariani – The Martyr’s Curse
sm the martyr's curseScott and his Ben Hope series is slowly becoming one of my favourites. I had to re-buy this (for a reasonable price of £4.00) as I had given it to a charity shop previously – don’t you hate when that happens?

The Bone Clocks – David Mitchell 
the bone clocks david mitchellThis was recommended to via one of my Instagram followers, who had posted a picture of another David Mitchell book. I’ve read a lot on this saying that his other book, The Atlas Clouds, needs to be read in order to understand this book. I may leave it on my bedside table until I’ve read that other book, I don’t know yet.  

Conn Gulden – Wars of The Roses: Bloodline
conn igguldenConn Iggulden has been one of my favourite authors for a number of years now. His series on Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan, respectively, have stayed at the top of the list of my favourite book series. 


Belkin 3M extension cable
belkin 3mm extension cableAt night I watch a lot of TV, usually on my PS3 and mostly on Amazon Prime. It’s one way of trying to relax now. Obviously I would like to lie on my bed and do so, but with my Sony’s lead being so short, I can’t do that. Hence my purchase of this 3 metre extension cable, which is more than long enough. 

Tom Clancy’s The Division
tom clancy the divisionKnowing that this was coming out this month, after waiting for it for so long, I had the choice of either getting Far Cry: Primal, having thoroughly enjoyed Far Cry 4, or this. I went with this eventually but it seems that Far Cry: Primal is dropping in price. I recently saw it ASDA’s for 32 pounds, with it being about £28 quid on Amazon. Anyways, I’m really enjoying The Division, but it’ll be interesting to see if the game gets a sequel or not – that this is the biggest challenge for game developers/makers, to see if they can deliver the same quality of product again. 

That’s it for this month! Check back in next month for more Buying-Round Up!


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