Buying Round-Up: April 2016

Kajit has wares if you have coin!




deftones goreIf you haven’t already guessed, I am a huge fan of Deftones and pretty much own every single album of theirs, with me owning the LP of Koi No Yokan and my Dad the CD copy. I had heard the lead single “Prayers/Triangles” prior to release and, as you’d expect, I was pretty excited for the upcoming album. Already had listen through and I love it! They are a band that has, honestly, never disappointed with an album.

ihsahn arktisAlready as I listen to this album for the 10th time again I can safely that I love it. Ihsahn, in his solo work, has always been known to experiment, which we saw a lot of in his previous album. This album is a mix of both Eremita and Das Seelenbrechen, and although this isn’t as guitar-centred as Eremita or Das Seelenbrechen, it still makes for an awesome record. Can we safely say a contender for ALBUM OF THE YEAR?

Haken – Affinity (Amazon UK, £9.99)
haken affinity cover

Down – Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow… (Amazon UK, £5.32)
down ii a bustle in your hedgerow

The Haunted – The Dead Eye (Amazon UK, £5.92)
the haunted the dead eye


Simon Scarrow – Britannia (AMAZON UK, £5.59)
simon scarrow britanniaOne of, what I consider to be, my “big hitters” of the year so far. I have ready every book in the Eagles of the Empire series and currently this book sits at the bottom of the pile.

The Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman)- Volume 1: Days Gone By (COMIC PARADE, £11)
twd volume 1

The Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman) – Volume 2: Miles Behind Us (COMIC PARADE, £11)
twd volume 2

Bernard Cornwell – Warriors of the Storm (The Last Kingdom Series, Book 9)
bernard cornwell warrios of the storm

James Patterson – Truth Or Die
james patterson truth or die


WWE 2K16 Season Pass. (Playstation Store, £15.99)

That’s it for this month! Check back in next month for more Buying-Round Up!


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