REVIEW: DeftonesGore (2016)

deftones gore

As most of you might know, I am a huge Deftones fan. I have been ever since I bought White Pony along with Foo Fighters’ There Is Nothing Left To Lose from a shop called CD Warehouse. That record — White Pony — changed my teenage years and forever changed my music tastes. From there on, I got into the harder side of rock music, even getting into metal. Nowadays, my listening tastes are somewhat varied and somewhat weird. I’ve repeated this many times over. When it comes to music I try my best to keep an open mind, there is never anything ‘bad’ it’s just people have different tastes and simply don’t like it. It’s very rare that I dislike anything. There are a number of bands that, when they release bring out something new, I will not think twice about buying it. Deftones, in this case, are one of those bands – after the absolutely sublime Koi No Yokan I was awaiting patiently when they would release something new. With Chino releasing the debut album with Crosses, which is/was excellent, I knew it would be a while before Deftones bring out something new. There was even speculation that they would release Eros (the unfinished album) at some point. When lead single “Prayers/Triangles” emerged onto the internet (as it always does) I listened to it and really liked it. When “Doomed User” emerged as well, preluded by some fan-shot footage from gigs, it wasn’t a song I originally liked – it was bass-heavy (yes), the guitars heavy (yesssss), but Chino’s vocals seemed far back in the mix (….no). But, now, I really like the song. That’s my whole point about never really disliking anything. After a few weeks of listening, I can see how the whole album seems like a smorgasbord of different eras of Deftones and putting them into one album. But, on the other hand, this album has slowly taken its time to grow on me which is very unusual for me – maybe I’m being slightly cautious in this respect. After I got the album in the post, along with Ihsahn’s new one, I ripped the album onto my computer and passed the album onto my Dad. He loves the album – calls it one of their best (although, and we agree on this, every album of theirs is great) – and our copy is downstairs amongst his thousands of other albums. As said above, this album has taken its time to grow on me. It’s not been the usual instant first-listen-I-like-it thing I have with the Deftones’ records, but rather I’ve gone back to this album over the past few weeks since I bought it; but, in truth, the albums that do take their time to grow are occasionally my favourite albums. Still, this is a great record from the band. The mix also takes time getting used to, and perhaps because of that, it sounds different from anything else they’ve done. Ultimately, the record sounds most like the style of their 2003 self-titled record. We’ll have to wait and see until December to see if it makes the ‘top 10’.

RATING: 4 / 5


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