Happy 20th Anniversary The Great Southern Trendkill

On May 7, 1996, Pantera released their fourth studio album via EastWest Records. It achieved #4 on the Billboard 200 chart and stayed there for over 16 weeks.

On May 7, 2016, the band, throughout social media, celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

The one key message in this status, albeit short, was: “The 20th Anniversary Edition of Trendkill will be released later this year via Rhino. Full details coming next week.”

At first, a raspy breath came from my mouth – touching my favourite Pantera album, really?

In my teens, this album slowly became my favourite, maybe because I was going against the grain, Pantera album.

But then, like a lightning bolt from Thor’s hammer, I remembered the absolutely wonderful treatment they had given Cowboys From Hell (1990, 2010), A Vulgar Display of Power (1992, 2012) and, more recently, Far Beyond Driven back in 2014 (FBD originally released in 1994).

So, I said to myself as I realised, shut up and wait for it.

Happy birthday, The Great Southern Trendkill.


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