Listening to: The HauntedThe Dead Eye

the haunted the dead eye

Release: 30th October, 2006
Label: Century Media Records

A couple of years ago, my Dad’s friend at work, Andy (second name unknown), lent me a few albums. Although a few I didn’t listen to, there were a few mentionable albums by a few also mentionable bands: Arch Enemy (Doomsday Machine); Iron Maiden (A Matter of Life and Death); Opeth (Ghost Reveries); Testament (The Formation of Damnation) and, namely, The Haunted (One Kill Wonder). I was knee-deep in metal at this time so as I flicked through the albums the heaviness of the albums didn’t especially strike me; it seemed somewhat the norm.

the haunted one kill wonder
One Kill Wonder

The Haunted’s album, One Kill Wonder, was like a shotgun to the face: it lifted me up off my feet and knocked me out, like Mike Tyson in his prime. If ever I did a ‘favourite 100 albums of all time’ list, One Kill Wonder would be somewhere near the top. It features Marco Aro on vocals who is, after Dolving’s sudden (and maybe foreseen) departure from the band and a few other members as well, rejoining the band again permanently and appeared on the excellent Exit Wounds.

Have a listen to the excellent “D.O.A” below:

Three years after the release of One Kill Wonder, Dolving rejoined the band and releases rEVOLVEr in 2004. The band followed that up with The Dead Eye in 2006, with 2008’s Versus another excellent record. As fate would have it, 2011’s Unseen would be Dolving’s last ever The Haunted album.

Yesterday I was browsing Amazon and not really wanting any more books – I already have enough at the moment. I knew I wanted to buy Haken’s new album Affinity. I knew that. But I also wanted to buy a few other CDs, so off browsing I went, looking for something slightly cheap. Is it only me, but I like getting stuff on Saturdays, when I know I’ll be in (at least if I have nothing planned)? I never really like to buy anything in the week. Plus, with the new rule now, new albums are released on Fridays, so most of my music shopping is done over the weekend. My Mum having Amazon Prime is extremely and well worth the £79.99 quid for the year, so you get One-Day Delivery free, as well as First Class and now Evening Delivery.

Friday, CDs purchased. Now I wait for delivery, which can really be anytime during the day (see my problem here?) up until 8pm at night, which when Amazon says it’ll deliver by. I’ve had problems in the past before where I’ve ordered something, expecting it to be here the next day, and it’s not arrived. So now everytime I take their ‘one day delivery’ system with a pinch of salt until the item I’ve ordered actually turns up – holy cow, it’s a miracle Batman! Anyways, back to the story. Most of Friday night, and 3 hours into Saturday morning I’ll admit, I spent the night playing FIFA 16 and didn’t go to bed until 3am. No, it was actually closer to 4am…as my Dad gets up at 3:45 (even on weekends) and was like, “You’re still up…Oh, who’s winning?” As my Dad does in his usual manner.

I eventually said to myself, “OK, last last LAST game and then, I’ll go to bed.” I eventually did and dropped off right away. I woke up about 9:00 I’m guessing on Saturday morning, due to my phone’s alarm going off. Although I’m not sure if my phone was at the correct time as for an hour afterwards it kept on displaying “8:00″…which was weird. I had to turn it off and on again.

On the weekends, if I don’t have anything planned, I’ll often remain in comfy around-the-house clothes: sweat pants, t-shirt and socks. My delivery of CDs arrived pretty early in the morning – around 10 AM – which I was surprised about as, usually, they arrive sometime late afternoon – usually around 2 or 3 PM. Amazon have their own logistics offshoot which delivers their packages for them, if you’ve ordered using One-Day Delivery (called No Rush Delivery in America,I think), and it also comes with tracking on the packages so you can see its progress.  I got delivery – as it came in my name – and quickly opened them.

I spent most of the day going back and forth between the three albums – Down’s A Bustle In Your Hedgerow, The Haunted’s The Dead Eye and Haken’s Affinity – but knowing The Haunted as I do, this album pretty much is awesome. The album that followed One Kill Wonder, possibly my favourite The Haunted album, although the band did release a few belters afterwards as well, before Dolving finally left the band for good. Below is the two opening tracks from the album:


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