Buying Round-Up: May 2016

May I have some more please?


KvelertakNattesferd (Amazon UK, £9.99)
kvelertakWhen I originally posted the news story about the release of their new album, I was unsure if I would actually buy this or not. But having listened to their previous two albums I was very much swayed in favour of buying this one. This is one of my May releases that I’m really looking forward to, with Katatonia’s new one – The Fall of Hearts – being the obvious choice I’m very excited about.

MotorheadKiss of Death (Amazon Digital, £4.99)
motorhead kiss of death

Motorhead – “Ace of Spades” (Amazon Digital, £0.99)
motorhead ace of spades

Hatebreed – “Looking Down The Barrel Of Today” (Amazon Digital, £0.69)
hatebreed the concrete confessional

HatebreedThe Concrete Confessional (HMV, £9.99)
hatebreed the concrete confessionalI bought the single above from Amazon’s digital store and listened to it quite a lot. I got Hatebreed’s previous record The Divinity of Purpose and loved it very much – call me a fan of the band. When in town one day, I decided to pop into HMV, but I doubted that they would have it, but you can call me coloured because they did and, you guessed it, I bought it. 


Ian Rankin – Tooth And Nail (Waterstone’s, £8.99)
ian rankin tooth and nail

Ian RankinThe Black Book (WHSmiths online store delivery, £6.29)
ian rankin the black book

Ian RankinMortal Causes (WHSmiths online store delivery, 6.29)
ian rankin mortal causes

Ian RankinStrip Jack (WHSmiths online store delivery, 6.29)
ian rankin strip jack

Peter HeatherTHE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE (Amazon UK, £12.08)
peter heather the fall of ancient rome

Robert Harris – DICTATOR (Waterstone’s, £12.99)
robert harris dictator

Ian RankinKNOTS AND CROSSES (WHSmiths, £8.99)
ian rankin knots and crosses

mick wall lemmy

Jason AaronTHOR: WHO HOLDS THE HAMMER? (Comic Parade, £12.99)
thor who holds the hammer

ROBERT HARRISIMPERIUM (Waterstone’s, £8.99)
robert harris imperium

ROBERT HARRISLUSTRUM (Waterstone’s, £8.99)
robert harris lustrum

MISC (dvds/games/computer accessories)

That’s all for this month. Check back next month to see what I’ve bought.


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