The 5 Metal Records That Changed My Life

The other day I saw an article on Gojira’s Facebook Page where the band collectively talked about the 5 metal albums that changed their lives.

It got me thinking, personally, about the 5 metal albums that had changed my own life. I have been listening to metal since I was a teenager, and now being 27-years-old, that is well over a decade of music to choose from.

Let’s begin!

  1. Korn – Korn (1994, Immortal/Epic Records)

korn-korn-frontThis was the first real metal album I heard (along with Metallica’s self-titled album) so you can understand why I would say this is an album that influenced me heavily. Although now, as a 20-something-year old, I’ve definitely moved on from this and I am listening to different stuff, but every now and again I revisit this album just for nostalgia.

  1. Deftones –White Pony (2000, Maverick Records)

deftones white ponyUltimately, one of the records that I can remember changing the way I looked at heavy music in general. Still to this day I go back and listen to this record, just to see if my thinking has changed in any way, and I’m always surprised to find that it hasn’t.

  1. Metallica – Ride The Lightning (1984, Megaforce Records)

metallica ride the lightningOut of all Metallica’s early albums, this is the album that definitely stuck out to me. Yes, there are others that I could have put here – if I were choosing an early Metallica album – but I feel that Ride The Lightning is their best and most accomplished album. Still, today, “For Whom The Bells” can still get me excited as it did back in my teenage years.

  1. Dream Theater – Images and Words (1992, Atco Records)

dream theater images and words

  1. Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire (1996, Epic Records)

ratn evil empire


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