NEWS: GOJIRA release video for “Low Lands”

Last month, Gojira (finally) released their brand-new studio album Magma via Roadrunner Records on 17 June, 2016. I was lucky enough to get it on the day of release as I had pre-ordered it a month beforehand, and straight away listened to it. In my opinion, I can see how it is taking a left turn (of sorts) but still, at its heart, the album is pure Gojira. I love it. 

The band have already released videos for lead singles “Stranded” and “Silvera”, both of which are artistically incredible and very much open to interpretation. I have watched the videos several times and come away with a different meaning everytime, which I hope is the whole point of it. Last Friday, the band released a video for “Low Lands”, which is the longest song from the album. The video is again artistically brilliant and its main focus is the childhood home of the Duplantier brothers. Watch it below: 

As you can see with the video above and those below, Gojira are making these music videos more than just music – it’s pure artistry in video format. 

And an “official audio” video for the opening song off the album, “The Shooting Star”:


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