NEWS: First single, “Failure”, from DTP released!

So, recently I posted that Devin Townsend Project’s new album Transcendence had its cover artwork reveal, along with a release date of September 9 via InsideOut music (revised originally from the artwork reveal’s post of a September 2 release date…). I have been furiously awaiting a single of the new just to see what it will sound like even though, probably like everyone else, I will go ahead and buy the record anyway.

Well await no further! On Friday the new single “Failure” went live on YouTube (and their social networks) and fans chimed in with their unanimous orgasms. Listen to the single below:

Transcendence track list:

  1. Truth
  2. Stormbending
  3. Failure
  4. Secret Sciences
  5. Higher
  6. Stars
  7. Transcendence
  8. Offer Your Light
  9. From the Heart
  10. Transdermal Celebration (cover version)

Pre-order Transcendence digitally from iTunes or Amazon now, and receive “Failure” immediately. The album can also be pre-ordered physically through all retailers now. The album will be out on September 9 via InsideOut.

dtp transcendence



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