7th October 2016: New album releases!

In this post I will be trying to highlight some albums I will be buying and checking out, as well maybe potential ‘back burner’ albums – those which I might check out later on. In terms of metal releases, this week is quiet (for me) but the following weeks have some great albums coming out.

kate-tempest-let-them-eat-chaosLondon-based rapper Kate Tempest was recently featured on a BBC programme (sorry, brain fart…) where she performed Let Them Eat Chaos live. I watched it with sheer amazement. I have never even heard any of her music before and soon afterwards I bought the album. Haven’t listened to it yet – its on the back-burner – but check out “Ketamine For Breakfast” below.

meshuggah the violent sleep of reasonDefinitely one of the ‘big hitters’ of the month, Meshuggah’s 8th studio album has already solidified itself as one of the best albums of the year so far. It is early days yet as I don’t like to put a stamp on anything when the album is, essentially, just days old. Still, Meshuggah are Meshuggah and they are bound to release an album which will not only confuse us (all those polyrhythms…) but yet, at the same, it will sound brilliant.

SEASICK STEVENKeepin’ The Horse Between Me And The Ground


I’ve loved Steve’s music for the past couple of years – especially his custom-made ‘guitars’. Yes, I do love my metal music, but there are times when my I find myself listening to something else just for a change.

NEXT WEEK: October 14th


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