REVIEW: Pain – Coming Home (2016)

pain coming home

To some of us, Peter Tägtgren needs no introduction. His status as a renowned musician and producer was solidified with Hypocrisy, however his side project emerged in 1997 with their eponymous album Pain and have since gone on to become a band in their own right. It has been five years without any new material, their last in 2011 with You Only Live Twice, but with Peter last year combining with Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann on their Lindemann project with their debut album Skills In Pills released last year, you can understand why there has been a huge gap. With Peter now owning his own Facebook page, he gave the fans regular updates on the new Pain material. The first single to emerge was “Black Knight Satellite” which sounded very much like a typical Pain song – orchestral opening, with very loud and bombastic music, and lyrically it was very similar to “Dancing With The Dead”. “Call Me” (featuring Sabaton’s vocalist Joakim) is what I consider to be only the weak song on this album, though it perfectly fits Tagtgren’s vocal content; look at You Only Live Twice and the song “Dirty Woman” — both songs are about women. “A Wannabe”, “Pain In The Ass” (another song about women) and the aforementioned “Black Knight Satellite” all help to really build this album up. “Coming Home” is a personal song, really where Tagtgren speaks about his life – “I’ve been watching myself for 40-something plus years / And how time makes you wrinkle and grey” and so is the closing track “Starseed”. Other tracks like “Absinthe-Phoenix Rising” and “Final Crusade” are two other tracks I’d like to highlight with mid-tempo and great riffs abound. I feel like this is another album which takes its time to grow on you, rather than being an album that I instantly loved. There’s plenty to love in this album and repeated listens allowed me to see the music on a grander scale.



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