REVIEW: Vader – Iron Times (EP 2016)


Very much like what they did what their last album, Tibi Et Igni, the band have decided to release an EP before the release of their new album The Empire containing two songs from it: “Prayer To The God Of War” and “Parabellum”, and two bonus songs. Ever since checking out 2011’s Welcome To The Morbid Reich, I have been a very casual fan of this band and I notice their shifting to a more dominant thrash metal sound, whilst still keeping their original death metal influences in there. It is disappointing that their aforementioned new album has been pushed back, but Iron Times serves a little pick-me-up before then. Whilst it may not be essential for fans to own this — it’s very cheap to buy the digital MP3 version (2 or 3 quid at most) — it’s refreshing to see that even after all this time Poland’s finest death metal band are still as unrelenting as ever. “Parabellum” is a very fast track and, clocking in two-and-a-half minutes long it fires along at breakneck speed — very much the aforementioned thrash metal. “Prayer To The God Of War” is very much the same as “Parabellum”, thrash metal and all that, and it is 3-minutes long. For me, Vader can do no wrong and I will sure look to The Empire with much anticipation. 

RATING: 4 / 5


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