REVIEW: Metallica – ‘Hardwired….To Self-Destruct’ (2016)

With it almost being 10 years since Death Magnetic, I feel that Metallica have really taken their time and delivered not one, but two albums worth of music. All of the three singles — “Hardwired”, “Atlas, Rise!” and “Moth Into Flame” — have all been good and it really set the album up well. As always, it will be interesting to hear them in the full album’s context. After listening to the album a couple of times, I’m sort of only dwelling on the first disc whilst there are few songs on the second disc, save “Spit Out The Bone”. I feel that there’s nothing really grabbing me. Apart from the pre-released tracks there are songs like “Now That We’re Dead”, “Dream No More”, and maybe slightly “ManUNkind” which I’ve been really listening to — these stand out as favourites. “Hardwired” and “Spit Out The Bone” are really only the two fastest songs on both records, whereas the rest of the material is slower-paced and more plodding. I want an album to hit me in the face and for the songs to stay with me, but by the middle of disc two my mind is already beginning to wander. I wonder if, in the back of my mind, Metallica have been a bit indulgent and decided not to condense their material? For me I feel that this is too long of an album, too plodding and not enough fast songs. 

RATING: 3 / 5


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