REVIEW: Steven Wilson – ‘Transience’ (2016)


Best of’s and compilations are something I usually loathe as they are typically a cash grab by the label including a few unreleased tracks that you’ve never heard (apparently), however knowing that Steven himself had 100% input into this best of. it gave me the assurance to go and check this out. It’s a smart move to pull songs from his solo work as, if you know how prolific Steven is musically, then you’ll know that has contributed to a lot of musical projects over the years. To date Steven, along with his band, has released four solo albums, his first Insurgentes and his latest Hand.Cannot.Erase. Whilst I know him best being the frontman of legendary British prog rock band Porcupine Tree, his solo work is just on another different level. Most of the stuff on here you will have heard before in some way or another, though it’s actually a compilation of material recorded between 2003-2015. There is a cover version of Alanis Morissette’s “Thank You” and a re-recording of “Lazarus”, from the Porcupine Tree album Deadwing (2005). Nothing new, but I usually have an impulse to check out anything that Steven puts out as I know that, without even questioning it, the music will be absolute quality. You can let this slide right past you, knowing that he put out the EP 4 1/2 at the beginning of the year, or you can check it out: it’s up to you. 

RATING: 4 /5 


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