REVIEW: Meshuggah‘The Violent Sleep of Reason’ (2016)


Meshuggah, they are the pioneers of extreme technical metal having formed the genre ‘djent’ which is used to describe the guitar sound. However they do their music justice which, frankly, all the copycat bands cannot do. It has been four years without any new music though the band released the live DVD The Ophidian Trek two years ago. With the first single from the new record “Born In Dissonance” dropping two months before the album’s release; it sure seemed like a long wait for the record. I’ve given this record more than a few spins and not an initial knee-jerk review. With Meshuggah albums, especially, you need to really sit down and try to understand the record. Whilst Koloss felt like the band was gently experimenting with their sound, whilst still keeping that low dissonant framework, The Violent Sleep of Reason feels like a return to what I know Meshuggah best for. On the whole this album feels very formulaic and overall a sense of normality (if Meshuggah could ever be ‘normal’) and, because of that, I feel that the band play it safe on this album which doesn’t lead to many ‘wow’ moments but it just feels as if the band plod along. Still I feel that this is an album that needs a good few listens before you can really understand it. 

RATING: 3 / 5


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