REVIEW: The Dillinger Escape PlanDissociation (2016)

2016 was a really tough year because of the great musicians and social figures we lost, but perhaps harder knowing that with Dissociation it was going to be Dillinger Escape Plan’s last album. Definitely one of the best extreme metal bands to emerge in the past decade, I can perhaps understand some of the reasoning why they decided, in their words, to say that they were taking an “extended hiatus” rather than breaking up completely. Hearing the single “Limerent Death” was both exciting and saddening – I was gearing myself to battle a mixture of emotions. However the album itself plays out like a greatest hits album: every song is different and unique, whilst there is, in itself, a plethora of diversity: you even have some elements of Jazz in “Low Feels Blvd.” This is everything I could have ever wanted from a new Dillinger Escape Plan album, and whilst there is overall hanging element of it being their last album, I’m not actually that sad – many of the members are going onto other projects, especially Greg with The Black Queen (their debut self-titled record was also out last year – check it out, it’s awesome) and Ben with Giraffe Tongue Orchestra (again, they also released an album, featuring Hinds from Mastodon and Will from Alice in Chains – it’s also awesome).  I am going to note that this album has taken me ages to get my teeth into, as it’s definitely an album (like many others) which needs multiple listens, and definitely an album where sometimes I’ve listened to it with the lights off.

RATING: 5 / 5 


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