My problem with Machine Head’s Burn My Eyes

Have you ever looked an album’s track-listing, or its running order, and wished that you could change? There are an albums that I have or own where I wish I could change the running order and know that, in my mind, that album is a thousand times better. This is nothing against the music presented on Burn My Eyes. It remains one of the greatest Roadrunner debuts and definitely Machine Head’s best album, but I always feel that putting “Davidian” first for me isn’t right – shouldn’t it be last or somewhere near there? 

Here is the official tracklisting:

Screen-capped from Spotify
Screen-capped from Spotify

Here is my tracklisting:

Screen-capped from Windows Media Player

I once saw something years ago where Robb posted something to his General Diaries where it was showing some old archived Machine Head footage. It was a picture of an old demo tape (the tape which, I think, they used to give out at early shows) where it said “Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies (Intro)” and it sort of feels weird just before “Block”, so I switched it to the top. It’s an awesome intro. This is the way I’ve listened to the album for a number of years now. Listening to it on Spotify now just feels…weird. 

Here is my edited playlist in case you want to check it and let me know what you think.


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