REVIEW: Lamb of God – ‘The Duke – EP’ (2016)

With their latest album VII: Sturm Und Drang released last year (or in 2015), you would expect that it might be another year or two before the band might release some new material as the band tour and promote and do whatever. . I always feel that EPs released in the interim between albums only serve as to release stuff that didn’t originally make the album’s cut of ten or twelve tracks or, perhaps, release some stuff that has been recorded live (definitely newer tracks). With Lamb of God’s EP The Duke, featuring the title track dedicated to a late fan of the band. It also contains an extra track “The Culling” — which could be as I said above: a track that didn’t originally make the cut (and it does, at best, sound like a demo) — and three bonus live tracks from Bonnaroo: “Still Echoes”, “512” and “Engage The Fear Machine”, all from Storm Und Drang. Whilst the “The Duke” is in very in vain of “Overlord”, Randy singing in his unnatural clean tones, “The Culling” is a more natural-sounding firing-on-all-front Lamb of God, whilst the live tracks are the meat-and-potatoes of any band. Whilst I think that “The Duke” is an OK song with an admirable cause behind it, the other tracks do not certainly fare any better.

RATING: 3 / 5 


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