REVIEW: Testament – ‘Brotherhood Of The Snake’ (2016)

Although there is a ‘Big Four’ I would really love to see another ‘Big Four’ come around with perhaps Exodus and Death Angel thrown in there along with Testament, and perhaps Overkill. Anyways, this is Testament’s eleventh studio album and their third post-reunion; the band collaborate with legendary producer Andy Sneap and also bring back bassist Steve DiGiorgio. Hearing the title-track from the album, which was also the first single, I felt that this would be a faster album than its predecessor, Dark Roots of Earth (2012). Ten tracks and total time of 45 minutes make for a pretty lean album, compared to the previous album’s nine tracks and 50 minutes in length. Sam, on Overkill reviews, said that some people felt that the last album was ‘too slow’ but I loved the album so maybe I have to agree to disagree with that one. I find this to be the best album of the three post-reunion so far, combining both what was on Formation of Damnation and Dark Roots of Earth to make a really consistent thrash record. There’s both a mixture of fast and slow songs on this record, but I find this doesn’t jar or interrupt the flow of the record too much. Perhaps one of the best thrash records of 2016. 

RATING: 4 / 5 


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