OPINION: Ranking every Mastodon from best to worst

With Mastodon set to release their new album Emperor of Sand in a month or so, I have been heavily re-listening to their albums again. Not exactly in a chronological order (I started it off with Crack The Skye, so there you go), and with me knowing how I’d rank their albums personally, I thought would I share it here. 

(This list excludes the two live albums and their first album, Call Of The Mastodon)

  1. Crack The Skye (2009)mastodon-crack-the-skyeTo me this is Mastodon’s most complete and complex album to date, this sees the band (for me) merging both of their sounds: the complex proggy sound that you heard on Leviathan and Blood Mountain, whilst shades of their rougher, sludgier sound that you heard on Remission also creeps in as well. Probably one of my “desert island” albums, I could literally listen to this album again and again. 

  2. Blood Mountain (2006)mastodon-blood-mountainTheir third album and by now the band had definitely gotten their chops down, as was displayed on Leviathan, whilst there are hints of the band leaning towards a proggy sound. Containing the cracking opener such as “The Wolf Is Loose”, this is definitely one of the band’s “one-two-punch” albums where every song is just great. 

  1. Leviathan (2004)mastodon-leviathanPossibly the band’s most popular album, containing their best song “Blood And Thunder”. Largely based off Herman Neville’s book Moby Dick (which I have yet to read), this is a “coming of age” album where Mastodon, quite frankly, display why they are such a household name. Following up 2002’s Remission was always going to be easy as the band could’ve literally gone down any avenue. 

  2. Once More ‘Round The Sun (2014)mastodon-once-more-round-the-sunTheir latest album and, for me, this is what made me go back to The Hunter and have that realisation moment – oh, ok, now I get it! I feel like this was band trying to keep that accessible “pop” element to their sound whilst try to reach back into their past and showcase some of their older, maybe forgotten elements. 

  3. Remission (2002) mastodon-remissionAlthough this is officially their second album, after Call of the Mastodon (2000), this is the band’s most roughest album both sonically and technically. 

  4. The Hunter (2011) mastodon-the-hunterYeah, I know people are going to berate me for this for putting album at the bottom, but even though I enjoy the album now. However this is my least favourite Mastodon album. Still, this has been a few choice tunes on it so perhaps they’ll be on my playlist. When this was released back in 2011 I didn’t immediately take to it and, for a while, I wondered what the band were doing. How could they follow Crack The Skye up with this!? I was absolutely flabbergasted, to put it lightly, 


11 thoughts on “OPINION: Ranking every Mastodon from best to worst

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    1. Yeah, my particular favourite is Crack The Skye – there’s so much imagery in that one.

      Same here! Have you heard the two songs that are out there currently?

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    1. Thanks!

      I do hope you really get into the band as they are one of my favourite bands, probably up there in the top 10.

      Also, thanks for the link – I’ll be sure to check it out!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha. I was going to give you some advice like “ok so start here, go there, don’t listen to that one” but, well…I didn’t want to do that.

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