Buying Round-Up: 2017 (Part 1)

I haven’t bought any new music in a few months. I’ve mainly been using Youtube and Spotify to listen to new music, whilst a lot of my listening has been albums that I’ve bought, and/or have missed, last year. Which is the main reason why I’m doing a general one instead of a monthly update, as both January and February would be nothing, whilst March I do have a small, but significant, amount of money to spend on new music. The albums will be short here, so maybe in a few months time (it could be that) I may have some more purchases for you to see and read about.

Benighted – Necrobleed – CD // (Amazon UK, £9.99)

When I knew about this album I was really excited. Benighted have been an excellent band for a number of years, never disappointing with each release. With new members in tow and a slight change of sound (not noticeable but noticeable enough) the band unleash their new record Necrobleed and, for me, I’m crazy if this doesn’t end up in my ‘best of’ lists come the year’s end, as the album, from to start to finish, is amazing.

Sepultura – Machine Messiah – CD + DVD //
(Amazon UK, £11.99)

Loved Sepultura a while ago and, obviously, loved the Max Cavalera (but Roots, not so much). Got back into the band with 2010’s Kairos, and they followed that up with 2013’s The Mediator Between The Head and Hands Must Be Th Heart. 2017’s Machine Messiah is really an astounding record, possibly one of the best they’ve released.

SoenLykaia – CD // (Amazon UK, £9.99)

Soen are a band I’ve loved since their inception and their first record Cognitive, blatantly sounding like a Tool rip-off throughout most of it. However their second record, Tellurian, felt like that the band was coming into their and starting to form their own identity. With a few singles already out there before the album’s release, I think this will further the band’s sound (haven’t heard the album yet) from what I’ve heard.

Mastodon – Emperor of Sand (Pre-order) – CD // (Amazon UK, £9.99)

Yeah, this album, much like everyone else, is going to be standard buy. The band have released three singles thus far — “Sultan’s Curse”, “Show Yourself” and, the latest, “Andromeda” — and it’s really sounding awesome so far. I’ve been a fan of the band ever since Leviathan and, although I didn’t like The Hunter, I eventually warmed to the album. I loved Once More ‘Round The Sun, obviously. 

Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry – CD // (HMV, £9.99)

I’ve been looking at getting this from Amazon but they price at 11 or 12 quid, so the other day when I went into HMV looking for something specific (Moon Duo’s The Occult Architecture Vol. 1) but I was like “let’s see if they have Iron Reagan” and they did, which is a bonus. And for a tenner too – result! This is a brilliant album and I thought their latest one The Tyranny Of Will was pretty good, but this one — and especially the tune (below) “Fuck The Neighbors” is a good ditty to play at parties…loud — is just balls-out amazing. Highly recommended. 

Baroness – Purple – CD // (HMV, £8.99)

I’ve been looking at getting this for some time, not being able to find it on Amazon (won’t buy music from a third-party, I’d rather buy it direct), and everytime I’ve gone into HMV they’ve always had it. Buying Svart Crown’s latest album (which is below) I saw this and just had to get it as I have Baroness’ three previous albums: RedBlue, and their double album, Yellow & Green. I haven’t heard this one yet, maybe a few singles released beforehand, but I’m totally blind going into this album as I understand it’s a few years old — it was released back in 2015. Damn.

Svart Crown – Abreaction – CD Digipack // (HMV, £13.99)

Spotify introduced me to these guys when I came across their album Profane a couple of years ago (off the top of my head trying to remember when the album was released) and, since then, I’ve been a fan. Svart Crown are from France, much like Benighted and Gojira, along with a handful of other bands I know (AlcestDeathspell Omega), and I really think it’s awesome that I’m getting into more European metal. I didn’t even realise the guys had a new album coming out until I saw the video (below) and it literally blew my mind. Abreaction is such an amazing record from start to finish, so again another highly recommended album if you like your death metal steak flavoured with some pepper and salt. 


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