REVIEW: Blues Pills‘Lady In Gold’ (2016)

Blues Pills are another amazing band to come out of Sweden – what is it about their relentless talent to turn out one good band after another? They finally released their eponymous debut LP Blues Pills back in 2014 after releasing two EPs, Bliss and Devil Man (some songs from this were re-worked for their debut LP), and a live album Live At Rockaplast released a few months before the debut LP’s release. A live album followed – Blues Pills Live! – in 2015 and the wait began for a new LP to drop in the next few years.

This a brief history of the band. Like any young band changed members as Cory departed with Andre joining all in the space of 2014. Like anybody else, their EP Devil Man pretty much blew me away and I waited with excitement for the future LP. Blues Pills was one of my favourite albums of 2014. The live album, Blues Pills Live! featured the 10 songs from the album but just played live – pretty much self-explanatory, right?

When news of the album broke onto the internet I was excited and the lead single “Lady In Gold” (you can listen to it at the bottom) was very much what I expected from this band. I’ve listened to the album a few times now and I really like it. The first half of the album very much feels like a gospel rock album right up until “I Felt A Change”. This is a noticeably a stripped-down number, featuring Elin’s vocals and keys, featuring strings which come in two-thirds of the way through and leads nicely into “Gone So Long”.

I feel that most of this album’s material is a response to their first album and how often they played the songs from said album live. This is a less tame album than their first one, which fans have picked up on, less feeling like a band that’s created ideas from jamming and more of a band who has actually sat down and written songs. I really love the gospel rock feel and the use of a choir on the first half of the album, even the stripped-down number, and I feel this is, again, a going-against-the-grain of sorts. 

OVERALL, I think this is a great album from start to finish. Of course repeated listens will grant you a better understanding of the album. I thought that with their first record that they were a band to watch, and with their second album I’m convinced that my statement rings true…well, not statement, but merely thoughts. Lady In Gold may feel somewhat different from their first album, but I think this is what the band are going for. A solid album, sure.

RATING: 4 / 5


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