Music On My Phone?

Lately, I have been using my phone as means to listen to music. I’m sure this isn’t an amazing statement – I’ve known some of my friends who do this because they don’t have and/or cannot afford an iPod. I’ve found it easier, well much easier than using iTunes, to transfer music to my phone – because I have a Windows Phone (a Lumia 520, to be exact) I simply use Windows Media Player to transfer music to my phone. I don’t use my phone a lot other than surfing than internet, watching YouTube videos and, as this post is about, listening to music. Also, largely thanks to the SD card I bought a year or two ago, I have about 30GB spare to play with and I’ve only managed to fill half of it so far.

It started last year when I went to Ireland and my iPod ran out of charge. Luckily I had some music on my phone – Hatebreed’s The Concrete Confessional, Ihsahn’s Arktis and a couple of other albums – so I spent most of my holiday listening to that. Since then I’ve been sticking to my phone religiously and every other week I’ll change them music around, but with the SD card having about 32GB to play with (with most of my apps and photos on my phone’s storage) it does give me a lot of music to put on there.

I see a lot of these playlists where bloggers and my favourite musicians list what they’ve been listening and, quite honestly, I don’t do any of them, mainly because I have a hard time remembering the music I have chosen. Side note: my memory is really bad. I was looking through my phone and saw that the phone’s app had a ‘recently played’ list, so I’d thought I would share it with you; gander below for several screenshots of my phone detailing the list.


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