REVIEW: Suicide Silence – ‘Suicide Silence’ (2017)

If there was any polarizing album this year, then it would definitely be Suicide Silence’s latest self-titled effort. After the release of  the lead singles “Doris” and “Silence”, I was hoping that the record, in its entirety, would restore some hope — always the record in full makes up for disappointing singles and, as a whole, it comes together. More so that the band were working with famed record producer Ross Robinson who has been behind some of my favourite records by Korn, Slipknot and Machine Head (Ahhh, nu-metal, drink it in…). I actually liked their previous record You Can’t Stop Me and felt it was the band really trying to carry on what Mitch had already started with the band, and it’s not surprising that a majority of the music was already written with just some last-minute refinement needed. I actually really like the album and even have it on LP – go figure. Of course the band have become the focus of the fans attack via their Facebook page and the creation of memes centred around this whole “teehee” thing, so it’s not least surprising that the record starts off with the two lead singles – guys, get your memes ready. From there on, the album’s intensity (if you could call it that) stays at the same level; there are some bright moments throughout the record – the odd riff, the odd drum beat – but there isn’t nothing that really stands out as a whole. If the band are trying something different with this record – maybe aided by Robinson’s more soulful and aesthetic production – then I think that the band have really missed a chance this time around to create something magical and, for that, I’m disappointed by what I’m hearing. If there any positives about this album then I have to tip my hat to the band for thinking outside the box with this one. 2017 so far been a mixed bag, and you could definitely file this under “disappointing album of the year so far”.

RATING: 2 / 5


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