NEWS: Two more videos of the making of ‘Emperor of Sand’

A little over two weeks ago, Mastodon released their latest album Emperor of Sand worldwide. Via their YouTube channel, the band have been releasing short, but informative, making of videos. They have each been detailing the recording and the different aspects behind it. The latest videos – parts 8 and 9 – have been posted, with part 7 focusing on Bill’s mother’s passing. It’s a tough watch.

Part 8:

Part 9:

Here is a playlist featuring all the nine parts if you want to watch ’em back-to-back:

Emperor of Sand is available now! Go and get it!


2 thoughts on “NEWS: Two more videos of the making of ‘Emperor of Sand’

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  1. Neat! Honestly I’ve only watched through the first three of ’em, but I intend to watch all of ’em at some point. What I really want though is a couple more music videos. Ancient Kingdom and Steambreather could be awesome singles (and potentially successful ones), and I’m sure they’d put out awesome videos for them, based on their track record.


    1. Yeah, “Show Yourself” was a really fun video, kind of humorous in a way to turn a dark subject on its head.

      But I what I would really want them to do is a whole video-story-concept thing where you start off with the first track and then make 10 videos that can (kind of) be like a visual storyboard of the album. That would be cool.

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