REVIEW: ChimairaThe Age of Hell (2011)

Having recently rediscovered this album last night, I sat back and really fell in love with this album again. Chimaira achieved legendary status with their Roadrunner Records album The Impossibility of Reason, although I know what would happen in the next few years (The Age of Hell would thus be their penultimate album, before the band disbanded somewhere in ’13 or ’14). Although I did like their follow-up album Crown of Phantoms, I think that I will always favour this album much more. It’s like I knew of Chimaira (I grew up in the age of music television, go figure) but had never been brave enough, until this point, to go and check out their records. Despite their lacklustre output before this album, The Age of Hell is as much a return to form album. This is a rare where there are truly no bad tracks, and I think that even the softer tracks on this album are also great. It starts off well with the title-track and ends really well with “Samsara”. Now that the band are no more sadly, these records remain as a testament to a truly great band, The Age of Hell being a jewel in their collection. 

RATING: 4.5 / 5


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