REVIEW: Drowning PoolDesensitized (2004)

This is another record that I pulled from my ever-growing collection, wanting to rediscover it again. By the time of 2004, Drowning Pool had already created some buzz in the industry with their debut album Sinner. Of course today what it’s most known for is being the only band to feature original vocalist Dave “The Stage” Williams, who unfortunately passed on away on the touring to promote Sinner (it was actually during Ozzfest 2002). The three remaining members didn’t want it to end there so they recruited Jason “Gong” Jones, who was originally a tattoo artist, and thus they released their second album, Desensitized, in 2004. This is actually a very good record and has songs like “Step Up”, the awesome opener “Think”, “Forget” and the epic closer “Hate” (which you can see below). It’s very much building upon the band have already founded, but unlike Sinner which now I find to very samey, this album has better variation in it. This album is awesome. Cover art is a bit one-dimensional and lacking originality. It’s a shame that, again, this would be the only album to feature Jason, leaving the band in 2005 due to “musical differences and personal reasons”, going on to form AM Conspiracy (their debut album came out in 2010), So, when would we see the next iteration of Drowning Pool arise?

RATING: 3 /5 

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