OPINION: My Top 5 Albums Of The Year (So Far…)

(Featured image credit: me. Sorry for my somewhat questionable photoshop skills. I am trying…)

I was going to do one of those posts that summed up my year musically so far, but instead I decided to narrow it down to just five albums that have had heavy listening rotation throughout the year so far. As always, prepare for unexpected choices, as my listening is quite eclectic.

1. Ulver – The Assassination Of Julius Caesar (April 7, House Of Mythology)

ulverWith the announcement of a new Ulver album coming out so soon after ATGCLVLSSCAP, practically a year, I already knew that this would be an album that I would enjoy more, which I found to be hit-and-miss. True enough, the band deliver on all fronts with this album.

2. Alfa Mist – Antiphon (March 3, Alfa Mist)

0009676504_10Every year, there’s always that one Jazz album which seems to capture my attention. Alfa Mist’s latest release, Antiphon, is certainly that album.

3.  Duke Garwood – Garden Of Ashes (Feb 3, Heavenly Recordings)

duke garwoodFor the past few years, Duke has been making some fantastic albums. He came to my attention with Heavy Love and, since then, I’ve been a fan. His latest offering – Garden Of Ashes – is another sublime album.

4. Laura Marling – Semper Femina (March 10, More Alarming Records)

30694Definitely the best folk artist out there, Laura’s latest offering I think will be pretty hard to beat. It’s a very strong album in my opinion.

5. Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer (Feb 24, #Merky/Warner/ADA)

7bb6e11ec2fa4e8ce6293eb27c37e2b9-1000x1000x1I wouldn’t even know where to begin with Grime. I don’t even try to attach labels to anything – you should see how organised some of my music libraries are! – and this album has a very simple approach to it and lets the words breathe. Simply put, this is a fantastic album and one that may come as an unexpected choice.


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