NEWS: Steven Wilson releases fourth song from ‘To The Bone’: “Permanating”

Porcupine Tree and renowned producer, Steven Wilson, is set to release his fifth solo album To The Bone on August 18, 2017 via Caroline International. He has already released “Pariah (feat. Nina Tayeb)”, “The Same Asylum As Before” and the brilliant “Song Of I (feat. Sophie Hunger)”.

Today, he has released a new song called “Permanating” (which you can listen to below), and I’m really liking this song because it is a drastic change and sounding very pop-orientated. As Steven himself rightly stated on his Facebook page:

“Released as a single to radio stations today, I’m pleased to announce that you can now listen to a fourth pre-release song from To the Bone, and this time it’s a song unlike anything you may have heard from me before. “Permanating” represents a departure from the rest of the album and the more melancholic material I’m known for in that it’s probably the most joyous piece of pure pop I’ve ever recorded. In my mind this is what ABBA and Electric Light Orchestra would sound like as produced by Daft Punk! While I expect it to create healthy debate amongst my listeners, it’s one of the songs I’m most proud of on the new record because it’s such a different approach for me, and I thrive from changing my sound and trying new things. Production of a video for the song is in progress, news on that soon. In the meantime, hope you enjoy!” 

I’ve always really enjoyed Steven’s solo work, Grace For Drowning, for me, being his absolute magnum opus – a very dark record, both musically and subject-matter-wise. This song is no different as I know that Steven will never release the same thing twice. His new album, it seems, will very much in that same vein: something new and exciting, yet, at the same time, he challenges himself and his fans, especially with this new song.


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