OPINION: Every Trivium album ranked, from worst to best!

It’s hard to argue that, at the beginning, it seemed that Trivium were destined for greatness at being hailed as ‘the next Metallica‘ and certainly, throughout the years, they have proven that. But more than being ‘the next Metallica’ they became…Trivium! They are one of the better bands to have arisen in the noughties – the new new wave of American Heavy Metal? Whilst at first I didn’t like their sound – discovered them through the ever-faithful music television back in the day – I eventually came to sound like their sound, which was around their major label debut album Ascendancy (2005). When doing of those ranked lists, I have to choose a band I really know and have heard all their records – obviously – and I’m pleased at their progression throughout the years, absolutely loving their latest/most recent album, 2015’s Silence In The Snow. Let’s begin!

7. Vengeance Falls (2013)
trivium-vf1After 2011’s In Waves, I was left somewhat disappointed by this album. One of main questions when trying to decide if I like an album or not is “Will I listen to this album again?” and that’s where Vengeance Falls gets a solid NO.  Everything about this album seemed rushed: how the album sounded (in terms of the mixing), the artwork (which seemed like something out of Transformers and the fact alone it was produced by Disturbed’s David Draiman.

6. The Crusade (2006)
I kind of like this album and then, at the same time, I don’t. After Ascendancy, the most natural decision, at the time, it seemed was to go and make an album that doesn’t follow. For such a young band to take that risk it was brace, but the dreaded ‘second album syndrome’ struck them and, as a result, many people didn’t take to this album.

5. Ember To Inferno (2003)
I really like this album, despite not originally knowing about this album only after discovering the band through their major label debut Ascendancy. And with the remaster/reissue coming out one pr two years ago, it allowed to really discover the album all over again, given that the band also added demos in the release.

4. Silence In The Snow (2015)
TriviumMiles, miles better than its predecessor Vengeance Falls, this album an overall improvement in just about everything – songwriting, production, riffs, lyrics. Still, Matt’s screams are deeply missed from the band and I feel that they need to bring this back in someway on their next record (whenever it may come out) to really beef out their sound again.

3. In Waves (2011)
It’s pretty much obvious that Ascendancy is their best album, but thought out their career the band released a few albums which have almost outdone that, and In Waves was one of those albums. It’s such a great record front to back, that I would feel weird by placing this album lower in the rankings.

2. Ascendancy (2005)
triv ascenYes, arguably their best album which really broke the band commercially, but I feel that when you compare it to all their other albums and how they’ve progressed as a band…this sometimes does fall a little short. However, it is a great album and full of so many amazing songs it would be hard to argue in putting it here.

1. Shogun (2008)
Trivium-ShogunI really feel like that this album where the band came of age and – only three (or four) albums into their career – were really to show how mature they were.  This is also my favourite Trivium album to date and rightfully deserving of being placed at number one.





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