REVIEW: DecapitatedAnticult (2017)

Decapitated are a band that have their history and, since 2011’s Carnival Is Forever, have been trying to make the best of a bad situation. There was also a definite change of musical style by adding more groove into the mix, but somehow on Anticult, the band seemed really do the combination well.

The albums with Decapitated’s new formation and ethos have all been only eight tracks long, but this could a natural change to the ever-changing climate of how people digest music nowadays. Do they want a 12-13 track album, or do they want an 8-track album – in the case of the past three Decapitated albums – which contain eight awesome tunes. Quality over quantity?

Of course I see a lot of old die-hard Decapitated fans complaining that this “isn’t the band that they knew” and that “this isn’t the band they grew up with” and it’s understandable that this new direction that the band have taken with the last three albums is going to rub people up the wrong way. I have Nihility in my collection (somewhere) and I enjoy it, but there’s something Anticult which screams just YES.

This album is really fantastic and I feel that vocalist/frontman Rasta has really stepped into his own on this album, whilst I also feel that guitarist Vogg deserves a special mention (or two) for the riffs on this album – ah the RIFFS man, and the solos! This is an album of two halves where there is death metal purity on here (blastbeats and all) to keep me happy but, at the same time, there is enough groove on this album to keep me happy.

As a newer fan of this band and their previous albums, I could not be more happy with their progression over the years. Anticult is a fine record that really, in my opinion, be a dark horse contender for the ‘album of the year’ or, maybe even, one of the albums of the year. It is a strong record that I hope, in time, all fans new and old of the band will come to appreciate and love.

RATING: 5 / 5


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