REVIEW: Soen‘Lykaia’ (2017)

On the band’s second album, 2014’s Tellurian, I certainly thought that they were coming into their own, moving away from the obvious Tool similarities. And I certainly felt that, having listened to the record, that they were starting to collectively become better songwriters. It certainly showed and I was happy enough that the album was track one less than its predecessor, and their debut, Cognitive. (9 as opposed to 10 tracks).

With their new album, Lykaia, there is very much the feeling that the band are really starting blur the lines between prog and straight rock (most evident on track two “Orison”) but I mostly feel that this is a natural compromise. Furthermore there is definitely more use of percussion instruments such as bongos and tambas, which has been a theme running throughout all three albums.

All in all, I want this band to become better, to become a bigger band and, quite honestly, really go for it. Honestly, this album is OK although I would’ve expected more from the band seeing as they affirmed themselves with their second record.



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