REVIEW: Suffocation‘…Of The Dark Light’ (2017)

Classic. Legendary. Titans. All-Time Greats. These may be some of the words that you use to describe the death metal band that hails from America, specially Long Island, New York, and with …Of The Dark Light marks their eighth studio album. Remember: these guys have been slaying from 1988 (minus the hiatus they took between 1998-2002), so give or take a few years that’s about 40 years being a band. Wow.

Despite only discovering the band with their last record Pinnacles Of Bedlam (which was great, by the way and that cover art– take a bow, son!) I know very little about the band and my most impressive fact is that they are a legendary band within the death metal and metal circles. What’s to tell about Suffocation: chunky riffs, awesome vocals, blast beats galore– it’s, in truth, a showcase of how to death metal and not the modern stuff you hear nowadays. Their previous album takes on what really …Of The Dark Light manages to do so well with very little effort: switching between groove and death metal, whilst throwing in some awesome slower grooves with solos over the top (read: Derek Hobbs melts your face off).

In general I feel that this album is more direct than its predecessor, whereas I felt that Pinnacle of Bedlam tried to both at the same – heavy death metal and melodic metal parts – but …Of The Dark Light cuts through all of that with a knife and presents a straight-up death metal album. The two newest members – Charlie on rhythm guitar and Eric on drums, respectively – really manage well to play solid and, to me, it was really not noticeable that there were new members until I started doing my research (Note: I bought a copy of the album digitally so I have no liner notes). I think that is a really fantastic death metal and definitely up there in contention for ‘album of the year’.



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