REVIEW: Sepultura‘Chaos A.D’ (1993)

By the time I turned 13 my exploration into heavy metal had well and truly begun, preceded by the discovery of both Korn and Metallica through my Dad. As I, yet again, raided my Dad’s small (but mighty) ‘really heavy stuff’ collection, I picked up this album unknowing of the fact that it would shatter my tiny little mind.

Yes, truly hearing the first notes of the opening title-track did really blow m mind, and somewhere in the back of my adolescent angst-filled mind, it all made sense: REFUSE…RESIST. However, listening to this album back as an adult…I can understand many of the topics that Max is ‘singing’ about it (it’s more of a throaty scream) like politics, religion, race and cultural identity. It’s truly an album that’s meant to be played when you’re pissed off and angry, which serves as being truly calming music.

Even “Kaiowas” – the instrumental acoustic track recorded in the ruins of Chepstow Castle, Wales, UK – is really brilliant. It’s like the moment where you’re allowed to catch your breath before the onslaught renews. This album is, for me, the pinnacle of all the ’90’s music that came out, and an album which can take me back there…and it deserves its legendary status of “classic”.



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