NEW RELEASES: July 6th Album Releases!

So here we are, back yet with a “oh look what’s coming out” new music friday. July, always in the release calendar of albums and, is, like the old school WWE days used to say, BUSINESS HAS PICKED UP. Although the summer heat has fully cranked itself up…can you feel that cold breeze coming in?


IMMORTALNORTHERN CHAOS GODS (Nuclear Blast)Abbath who? This is THE BIG ONE. Ever since I knew of Immortal going into the studio I have been waiting with baited breath for the album to drop. Well, today is the day and my Spotify account will be abused like a mother. May also buy the CD too. For a friend.

Devin TownsendOcean Machine: Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv DVD/CD (InsideOut)Much like Behemoth coming off the back of a big touring cycle, Devin himself is also the same. I”m not familiar with the album (a Devin fan post Deconstructed and Ghost) but I’ll check this out all the same.

Lucifer Lucifer II (Century Media)Seems like one of those bands that have a real ‘throwback’ sound as they call upon the hard rock of the ’60’s and ’70’s (think Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin et al) and I’m actually going to check this out on Spotify**.

Devildriver Outlaws ‘Til The End (Napalm)When I first heard about this album – an album of country covers – I kind of chuckled and thought ‘Hm, no’, but then you know, I listened to a song or two, and understanding metal’s roots and what it’s been influenced by, I came to understand why the band are doing this. Supposedly they are writing a massive double album at the moment and this has me intrigued. I may add this to my Spotify library and check this out. Hell, being half Irish I was literally bought up on country music so who am I to judge?


**Sorry if I keep on mentioning Spotify. I recently snapped up their deal of “3 months of premium for 99p” and thought ‘why not?’ I’ve been using the app on my phone and my desktop app an awful lot; it’s great.

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